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The Samuel J. Wood Library at Weill Cornell Medical<https://library.weill.cornell.edu/> (WCM) is offering a one-year paid internship for an advanced student enrolled in an ALA accredited library and information science graduate program, or a recent graduate. We seek a Clinical Medical Librarian Intern<https://library.weill.cornell.edu/about-us/staff/career-opportunities-and-internships/clinical-medical-librarian-intern> (CMLI) interested in pursuing a career in medical librarianship who is available for at least 25 hours per week.  The CMLI assists in the provision of biomedical research, information management, and instructional services to the clinical and academic communities of Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH), and affiliates including the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center (PRC). S/he will work closely with the Clinical Medical Librarian (CML) and the Assistant Director, Clinical Services (ADCS) to support and enhance the clinical practices, outreach activities and training initiatives of the Medical Center and its constituents. The Clinical Medical Librarian Intern reports to the Assistant Director, Clinical Services.


1.      Develops the educational skill set required for CML activities; CMLI will routinely attend WCM/NYP and professional lectures, workshops, webinars to learn best practices, gain clinical knowledge and build connections with clinical colleagues.

a.       Specific professional learning activities may include:

                                                               i.      MLA Annual Conference Attendance

                                                             ii.      NY/NJ MLA Regional Conference Attendance

                                                            iii.      EBHC Workshop: NYAM

                                                           iv.      Systematic Review Workshop: UPitt

2.      To ensure further development of required skill set, CMLI will work closely with CML and ADCS, using the following methods:

                                                               i.      LibGuide will be created for CMLI use; all necessary training documents will be available here.

                                                             ii.      CML/ADCS will formally introduce necessary resources using face-to-face instruction and selected online tutorials. Resources include:

1.       Library Homepage: Introduction to Resources

2.       PubMed Searching

3.       OVID Medline Searching

4.       EMBASE Searching

5.       CINAHL Searching

6.       Count It

7.       F1000

8.       BrowZine

9.       UpToDate/DynamedPlus

10.   Clinical Key

                                                            iii.      Checklist will be used to ensure exposure to all relevant resources and tutorials.

3.      CMLI will participate in clinical information services including: clinic rounds and morning reports, journal clubs, just-in-time evidence-based medicine instruction, expert literature searching, and customized consultation services.

a.       Following a pre-determined schedule, attends morning report and/or clinical rounds (Dept of Medicine; Pediatrics; PICU) with members of the health care team; focused on assisting with the provision of high quality evidence-based information at the point-of-care.

                                                               i.      CMLI will complete training modules prior to this; AND

                                                             ii.      Shadow CML/ADCS, for minimum of 1 month.

b.      PRC desk duty

c.       InfoDesk, as assigned

4.      Works with healthcare faculty, residents, students, nurses to build information literacy skills, advance evidence-based practice, answer clinical questions, and promote Library services, resources and instructional opportunities.

a.       Mentioned above, attend morning report and/or clinical rounds.

b.      Work closely with CMLs on Nursing Evidence Based Practice initiatives, educating on research best practices and assisting with clinical nursing research projects.

c.       Participation in stand-alone workshops and seminars on library services and resources, scheduled by various WCM/NYP clinical departments.

d.      Contribute to TechTuesdays Talks; introducing WCM/NYP to clinically-relevant library resources.

5.      Partners with teaching faculty to develop, perform, and evaluate curriculum-based instruction, evidence-based practice, information literacy, and other specialized content.

a.       Neurology Clerkship

b.      Med School courses

6.      Develops and maintains LibGuides and other web-based content (social media, patient education videos, etc) that supports WCM/NYP subject/departmental areas and the curriculum.

a.       Ensures subject specific LibGuide content is up-to-date, relevant, and all links are functional.

b.      Assists with social media promotional activities as directed.

c.       In collaboration with health care providers, contributes to the research and production of patient educational videos.

7.      As a member of the user support team, participates in unit meetings, answers reference questions, conducts literature searches and/or systematic reviews, provides consultations and promotes the use of Library services and resources.

a.       Meets with Assistant Director, Clinical Services monthly

b.      Meets with Clinical Medical Librarian weekly

c.       Attends scheduled Library Faculty meetings

d.      Assists with instruction and reference work as needed

e.       Participation in Library-wide events such as SMARTFest

8.      Participates in research, grant and publication opportunities to highlight and promote the innovative work undertaken by the library, and to enhance the Clinical Librarians' visibility within the institution and among peers in the scientific community.

a.       Assist with the development of library grants; includes envisioning potential projects, grant writing & editing, conducting and evaluating grant-related activities.

b.      Contribute to the development, writing, and editing of CML research papers for publication and/or presentation.


To apply, please submit your application to librecruiting at med.cornell.edu<mailto:librecruiting at med.cornell.edu>
The application should include:
* A brief résumé
* Identification of and reasons for interest in the internship
* The applicant's qualifications for the internship, including a list of any courses taken that are relevant
* Description of the applicant's career goals
* Number of hours and days available for the internship

Diana Delgado, MLS, AHIP
Associate Director, Information, Education and Clinical Services
Weill Cornell Medicine
Samuel J. Wood Library & C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center
1300 York Avenue Room C-115
New York, NY 10065-4896

did2005 at med.cornell.edu<mailto:did2005 at med.cornell.edu>

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