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Are we voting on this if so I vote yay.  
Mary K
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Subject: [mla-nynj] Amendment to the Chapter Bylaws

Posting for Joanne Jahr… /rtm  To bring the Chapter into compliance with national MLA and Robert's Rules of Order, we have to amend Article IV. Meetings. Section 3. Quorum.  Currently, "...the presence of 10% of the voting members shall constitute a quorum."  That wording has to be amended, replacing the percentage with an actual number.  Therefore:
Article IV, Meetings, Section 3 Quorum will be amended to read as follows:
At all regular and special meetings the presence of 10 members of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.
This amendment is to be voted upon by the membership at the October 24th meeting.
Joanne Jahr, MLS, Bylaws Chair
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