[mla-nynj] Making the Most of the Value of Libraries Study

Missy Harvey mjharvey at pitt.edu
Mon Aug 19 14:39:50 UTC 2013

If you were unable to attend last week's /Making the Most of the Value 
of Libraries Study/ presentation,

the recording/slides are available at: 

  * *Have you used the results from the /Value of Library and
    Information Services Study/ at your Institution? *

  * *Or, do you have plans to use the data in some way? *

*If so, the Study Team would like to hear from you. Share your story by 
contacting Joanne Gard Marshall,
Principal Investigator (marshall at ils.unc.edu 
<mailto:marshall at ils.unc.edu>) and Julia Sollenberger, Chair, Value 
Study Planning Group
(Julia_Sollenberger at URMC.Rochester.edu 
<mailto:Julia_Sollenberger at URMC.Rochester.edu>).

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