[mla-nynj] Revised Announcement: NLM Needs Your Feedback on a New System to Replace LocatorPlus

Missy Harvey mjharvey at pitt.edu
Thu Aug 1 18:50:38 UTC 2013

    Attention LocatorPlus Users: NLM Needs Your Feedback on a New System
    to Replace LocatorPlus

The National Library of Medicine started the new /Discovery and Delivery 
Platform Project/ in June 2013.  The goal is to implement a new 
Web-based platform that provides innovative search and delivery of the 
wide range of NLM collection resources.  The work will be carried out in 
phases with the initial goal of replacing /LocatorPlus/, the NLM online 
public access catalog at: 

To ensure the new platform will continue to support the work of NN/LM 
libraries, we would like to informally gather information about your 
experiences with /LocatorPlus/ and your needs and expectations for the 
new platform. We understand that not all libraries can respond within 
such a short timeframe.  But we hope to receive as much feedback as 

Specifically, we hope to get feedback from staff who use /LocatorPlus/ 
for any of the following tasks in "resource" and "primary access" 
libraries in each region:

  * Processing interlibrary loan (ILL) requests
  * Conducting searches for reference services
  * Searching and/or downloading NLM bibliographic records for
    cataloging materials
  * Web harvesting of NLM bibliographic and/or holdings data
  * Other related tasks

Provide general feedback on how /LocatorPlus/ meets your needs and what 
we could improve.  Your comments can still be provided to Iris Lee at 
leeir at mail.nlm.nih.gov <mailto:leeir at mail.nlm.nih.gov>.

  * *Subject: /NN/LM Feedback/*
  * *To: *leeir at mail.nlm.nih.gov <mailto:leeir at mail.nlm.nih.gov>
  * *Deadline:  Friday, August 23, 2013*

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance with this project.

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