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Fri Oct 8 16:44:14 UTC 2010

I am very sorry that you had something awful happen.  What I was looking for was a report of the budget and expenditures by item.  Other chapters provide this info differently, and I wanted to be able to understand the NY-NJ chapter better. 

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Please note I don't feel an extra report beyond the one already 
submitted is necessary.  Please review the attached report which is 
still accurate, and correctly notes the checking account and Dreyfus 
account is balanced, though Quicken reports are not adding the Dreyfus 
totals in the Balance Summary Report.  

Further, last week, I had a medical emergency for the first time ever 
(landed in the hospital) and still managed to complete the 
organization's Treasurer Report in time for the meeting, though not 
expecting the Quicken investment error on the aforementioned report.  

If you need more details about the organization's finances feel free to 
reach out to me or Marie Ascher via email for more information about 
the Quicken issue.


Marie K. Saimbert
NY/NJ MLA Treasurer

10/8/10 10:57 AM, Cunningham, Diana wrote:
> I wonder if the Treasurer could provide a brief summary of the chapter 
budget and expenditures.
> Diana 
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> Dear NY-NJ Membership:
> At this week's Annual Business Meeting there was an error on the 
Treasury balance sheet which indicated a $0 balance on the Dreyfus 
investment account.
> This was a mistake caused by a glitch in report produced by the 
Quicken software used to maintain our accounts. Marie Saimbert, 
outgoing Treasurer, has
> fixed the problem and presented me with the amended report, which 
indicates that our Dreyfus investment remains healthy. (And although I 
haven't seen her,
> I do have good reason to believe she is still in the country. ;-) )
> If you would like specifics, please feel free to contact me directly.
> Thank you.
> Marie
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Always in Awe and Appreciation,

Marie K. Saimbert, BPharm, MLIS, MSN
Information & Education Librarian/Nursing Liaison/Pharmacology 
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