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Dear members,

I would like to share the following information for our new members who were present at the annual meeting yesterday.

Marie Ascher pointed out to the webinar that was conducted by Government Relations Committee back in April 2010.
Below is the topic that is discussed in details by Robert Schmidt, the Special Projects Manager at METRO who has had 15 years of hands-on personal political experience working with local, state and federal election officials from both major political parties.

Please contact me if you feel the need of a re-run on this educational session. I will contact Robert upon receiving your request.

You may also refer to MLA Advocacy page to check on the most recent and updated advocacy and policy issues at: http://www.mlanet.org/government/

To find your officials contact information go to:  http://capwiz.com/ala/home/


Building a Relationship with Your Elected Official

1.       The present legislative status of library funding

2.       The impact of decreasing funding and increasing useage

3.       The importance of library advocacy in the current environment

4.       The relative ease of library advocacy (libraries are non-controversial and appeal to all points on the political spectrum)

5.       The limited effect of one-time library advocacy approaches

6.       The importance of building a relationship with your elected official

7.       Items to know prior to approaching your elected official (and how to find these out)

a.       Political Party

b.      Majority or Minority Party

c.       Political Philosophy

d.      District

e.      Electoral History

f.        Biography

g.       Committees

h.      Individual interests

i.         Legislative staff regarding library issues

8.       Building a Relationship

a.       Letters (asking letters and thank you letters)

b.      Legislative visits

c.       Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter

d.      Website

e.      Send your library newsletter

9.       Elements of a successful visit, or letter

a.       Scheduling your visit

b.      Establish your credibility

c.       Know your message

d.      Discuss the situation

e.      "The Ask"

f.        After the meeting

10.   Ways to increase your connection with your elected official

a.       Library visits

b.      Feature your elected official in your newsletter

c.       Acknowledging their support

d.      Periodic letters and visits

e.      Share your news

11.   Success or Failure - How to evaluate and determine the success of your efforts.

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