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Patricia Gallagher PGallagher at nyam.org
Mon Mar 8 14:19:18 UTC 2010

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration to attend a great opportunity to experience an entirely new concept of training in evidence based medicine. The Section on Evidence Based Health Care of the New York Academy of Medicine is conducting our second annual conference and workshops entitled "Teaching Evidence Assimilation for Collaborative Healthcare" (TEACH)  in New York City  August 11-13, 2010. The program involves 3  tracks, each of which is led by internationally recognized and acclaimed faculty:
Track 1 will deal with Forming Recommendations Using GRADE
Track 2 will be Implementing Clinical Evidence in Care Settings
Track 3 will be Evidence Based Individualized Care
The combined effect of the 3 tracks will be to provide training in formation, implementation and realization in individualized care of clinical policy based on sound scientific evidence.  We believe that the conference design goes beyond previous approaches in a number of crucial ways and will be of interest irrespective of prior training in EBM.
For further information, please see the attached brochure and log onto our website at www.ebmny.org<http://www.ebmny.org>

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