[mla-nynj] update re: NY-NJ Chapter website outage

Andy Hickner alh4014 at med.cornell.edu
Fri Jun 5 15:47:29 UTC 2020

Update: This is part of an issue affecting ALL MLA chapter websites and listservs. While Mailman email lists do not appear to have been affected, websites (especially WordPress instances) have been variably available and are currently down. This is due to back-end issues which MLA staff are continuing to investigate.

MLA staff have told Vicki and I that they will be taking the full server down over the weekend and working with AWS support to fix this problem. Chapter email lists, including ours, should remain active for the rest of today (Friday); after that, all lists and websites will be down until further notice.

MLA apologizes that our services have been affected when most of us are working and communicating virtually. MLA fortunately has full backups of our sites and the server in case any data needs to be restored. We will communicate with all of you as we receive further updates from MLA. Vicki (vsciuk at optonline.net<mailto:vsciuk at optonline.net>) and I will be happy to field any of your questions and concerns to the extent we are able to.

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Dear colleagues,

As some of you may have already noticed, the Chapter website is down due to an unexpected back-end technical issue. MLA staff have submitted a support ticket and will notify us when the website is back online. The Web Committee thanks everyone in advance for your patience.

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