[mla-nynj] Journal Club Reminder

Mahnaz Tehrani mtehrani at nyit.edu
Mon Aug 29 19:47:56 UTC 2016

Greetings all,

Please join Helen Ann Epstein on Wednesday, August 31 from 1-2pm for a lively discussion. The selected article is attached, and here is the citation:

Farrell,  A. ;  Mason, J. " Evaluating the impact of literature searching services on patient care through the use of a quick assessment tool."
JCHLA/JABSC  2014; 35:116-23.

You may contact Helen Ann for reservation at:  habepstein at gmail.com<mailto:habepstein at gmail.com>

For connection to the virtual room please go to: https://mlanynj.adobeconnect.com/august31/

Dial in: 1-866-499-7054
Conference code: 7956352448

This is a great opportunity to hear the point of views of your peers, and participate in a lively discussion virtually! :)

Nancy Glassman & Mahnaz Tehrani
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