[mla-nynj] DOCLINE and Library Closures

Missy Harvey mjharvey at pitt.edu
Thu Feb 13 15:53:55 UTC 2014

If your library is one of many closed due to this latest round of severe winter weather,
you can prevent requests from routing to your library during a closure by filling out the
"Out of Office" request form in DOCLINE (Institutions, Update, Out of Office page).
Detailed instructions for use of this feature can be found athttp://www.nlm.nih.gov/services/doc_deactivate.html.

DOCLINE will allow you to enter today's date for inactive.  You can either leave the
active date blank, or enter your best guess on the activation date based upon weather
in your area and your institution's past decisions on closures.  Don't forget the
President's Day federal holiday on Monday when considering your activation date.
There is no need to post a message to DOCLINE-L about your closure.

We are checking for Out of Office requests regularly during weather events.
If you have questions, you can call  your RML directly (800-338-7657).

- Maria

DOCLINE Customer Service
National Library of Medicine
US: 1-888-FINDNLM (press 2)
Intl: 301-594-5983 (press 2)

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