[mla-nynj] Reference Search Help

Charles Fikar crfikarmath at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 18 12:55:07 UTC 2009

Hi- I have been asked by a professor to find articles written by Francis Crick (the DNA person) that site articles written by Hinshelwood (a famous chemist active from the 1920s- 1960s. Web of Science gives you cited reference searching, but you cannot "AND" link it to a specific author. I called up the database producer, and they said it can't be done with their Web interface. They said a Dialog search could do it-- AU=Crick F? AND CA=Hinshelwood. We would also like the other way-- CA=Crick F? AND AU=Hinshelwood. Since I have no access to Dialog, could someone do such a search? Or tell me the cost of such a search? Or refer me to someone who could do the search for a fee? Most likely, there would be not very many items retrieved. I appreciate your help. With respect, Chuck Fikar


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