[mla-nynj] Ebsco Cinahl Price Gauging

timroberts at optonline.net timroberts at optonline.net
Fri Aug 1 13:44:45 UTC 2008

I have been happily subscribing to Cinahl from Ovid, as many of you have. Now that EBSCO has pulled the plug entirely I have very reluctantly asked for a price quote. I don't like their search interface, I don't like having to support a new platform, and frankly I don't like EBSCO using librarians & nurses as their punching bags so that they can prove their stones to Ovid.

The one thing that I though could be a plus is that I would now longer be paying a surcharge. As I was getting the database directly from the source I figured the price would go down.

Alas my price increased by 20% to $3000

Below is the pricing that I have been paying for CINAHL. Aside from the indignation at the fact that now that Ebsco has a monopoly on CINAHL they jack up the price 20% - I have a very tight budget and didn’t allot for such a jump.  
2006 - $2237
2007 - $2468
2008 - $2566

Have other prople been finding the same situation? Would any long time Ebsco/Cinahl subscribcribers be willing to share their pricing with the list or with me personally?

Take care, Tim

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