[mla-nynj] SLA-NY @ METRO December: 90 Minutes to a Great Taxonomy, Part 1 - Taxonomy Basics

Miguel Figueroa figuem08 at library.med.nyu.edu
Mon Nov 19 17:08:22 UTC 2007

Free to all librarians in NY and NJ from SLA-NY Chapter.

SLA-NY @ METRO is a series of free professional development opportunities
for all library and information professionals in the New York area. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007  2:30-4:00

To RSVP or for questions, contact miguel.a.figueroa at gmail.com 

Please Note:  This is a replay of a Click University Webinar.  The session
will take place at METRO's offices.

90 Minutes to a Great Taxonomy, Part 1 - Taxonomy Basics (Click U Web
Seminar Replay) 
Presenter:  Jay Ven Eman 

Taxonomies bridge the gap between the seeker and the information solution.
Taxonomies help information providers build better products and services.
Taxonomies help "seekers" to quickly define problems and to ask the right
questions, facilitating the discovery of solutions. 

This Click U Live! Seminar presents and defines taxonomy basics. The uses of
taxonomies to aid in the preparation and delivery of information and for
searching are discussed. 

Click U Live! Seminar attendees will get to see a variety of taxonomies from
different views. Examples will be shown and discussed to illustrate key
concepts. A step-by-step guide to the basics of taxonomy construction is

Targeted Learners 

This Click U Live! Seminar is designed for librarians, information
professionals, and intranet and Web managers who are interested in learning
how to build taxonomies and integrate them into an existing information
environment. This is a basic, fundamental course for those who have never
built a taxonomy and know nothing about it, but are curious or tasked with
such a project. Those who are just starting a taxonomy project will learn if
they on the right track and are encouraged to submit ideas, problems, and
questions during the seminar. 

Critical Learning Questions 

*	What do taxonomies look like? 
*	What do they do? 
*	Why do I need one? 
*	Isn't search good enough? 
*	Will taxonomies help my Web site? 
*	How do I get one or build one? 
*	How much will it cost?

Interested in 90 Minutes to a Great Taxonomy, Part 2 - Taxonomy Advanced?
Mark your calendars for SLA-NY @ METRO Tuesday, January 8, 2008  2:30-4:00 

For more information on SLA-NY Professional Development, visit our website:
http://units. sla.org/chapter/cny/profdevelopment.htm


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