[mla-nynj] 2007 Health Sciences Library Statistics and Benchmarking Survey Now Open! Deadline December 31, 2007

Michelle Brewer MBrewer at njha.com
Fri Nov 2 00:20:58 UTC 2007

Apologies for cross-posting
Important News! The 3rd MLA "2007 Health Sciences Library Statistics and
Benchmarking Survey" is open for data entry from now until December 31,
Go to http://www.mlanet.org/resources/benchmark07/ to learn more and to
begin entering your data (see Tips below). All health sciences libraries
can participate, regardless of whether they are MLA members. Hospital
and health sciences libraries that do not enter AAHSL data are strongly
INCENTIVES ~ Win a prize! 
I might as well say this right upfront!
*	Win! The NY-NJ Chapter of MLA will put names in a hat and give
away one free MLA membership to any Chapter member successfully
completing their survey and submitting their data to MLA by Dec. 31. 
*	Win! The Health Sciences Library Association of NJ will put
names in a hat and give away one PocketPC to any HSLANJ member
successfully completing their survey and submitting their data to MLA by
Dec. 31. 
Other Benefits:
OK, prizes are great, but visit the site to find FAQs, success stories,
research vignettes, and much more to motivate you and help you through
the process. Data entry does not have to be completed in a single
session; you can save your work and come back to it later.
It is perhaps even more imperative that hospital and system libraries
participate, because this data may be vitally needed by MLA to advocate
on your behalf.  Data from the survey can be used in responses to the
Joint Commission for any proposed changes to the Information Management
standard anticipated for next year. 
TIPS ~ TIPS ~ TIPS ~ Small Bytes! Slow and steady wins the race.
*	1. Schedule a day and hour to get started, and stick to it.
Print out the 2007 data entry worksheet
</resources/benchmark07/worksheet_2007.html> .  It is accessible to
Chapter and MLA members and is not passworded. 
*	2. If you are a Chapter member, but not a MLA member, print out
the online form, fill out and send as instructed. This will get you a
login and password. 
*	3.  Fill out the data entry worksheet in paper, as much as you
can. For questions you can't complete, "tag" them:
*	3A. For questions that require data others have, jot down who to
email and plan a time to send all your data requests of others. 
*	3B. For questions where you need to spend time 'counting'
highlight in yellow, and delegate, or set aside time to do.
*	3C. For questions, that you have questions about, note with a ??
And send me an email, see below.
*	4. Schedule a time to go back online, and enter all the data you
could complete on the first round.
*	5. Then schedule a time to go back online after you have all or
almost all answers to your questions and counted, and complete.
*	6. Then press the "Submit" button!  (note if you press it in
error prior to finished, all is not lost. MLA can reactivate you. See
contact information below).
*	Participation has been greatly expanded this time, to allow
Chapter members (who may not be MLA members) to enter data, for MLA
members, and the Canadian Health Libraries Association-- is
participating. Some of the other changes include revised questions,
preloaded data for those who participated in the 2004 survey, and an
expanded and ongoing editing process. 
*	Hospital libraries, system libraries, AHEC libraries, research,
corporate, association libraries, mental health, dental, public health,
consumer, veterinary, departmental libraries -- are all encouraged.
Circuit rider libraries, and librarians serving several hospitals as
'consultants' are also encourage to participate and contribute data for
each library. Fill our the form on the site to request separate logins
for each library for circuit riders and consultants. 
*	More participants mean more useful data, and this may be even
truer regionally than it is nationally.
*	So every health sciences library in New York and New Jersey is
encourage to participate. Imagine 100% participation. 
*	The Benchmarking Network Editorial Board (BNEB) strongly
encourages institutions and librarians that do not currently contribute
to the survey of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries
(AAHSL) to participate in this unique, invaluable benefit. 

*	Data has been retained from 2004 and is automatically preloaded
in each PROFILE field for participants to change or approve. For
questions identified by the BNEB as CORE, previous participants will see
their earlier data reported underneath each question but will need to
physically enter the correct information for this survey. A progress bar
indicates your progress through the data survey. Data confidentiality
agreements are required of benchmark data editors. 
*	Non-MLA health libraries may request access to the 2007 survey
by filling out the benchmarking access request form, located at
http://www.mlanet.org/resources/benchmark07/access_form.html. Non-MLA
participants will receive a discount on report subscriptions in 2008. 

*	If you have any questions about the questions, please contact
me, I am not only editor of the survey, but the Chapter's benchmarking
*	If you are having problems logging in, need your survey
reactivated, or just can't get a hold of me, contact staff liaison Kate
Corcoran.corcoran at mlahq.org and put 2007_benchmarking in the subject

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Chair, MLA Benchmarking Network Editorial Board - "Medical Libraries
Measuring What Matters"  http://www.mlanet.org
Immediate Past Chair, MLA - Health Association Libraries (HALS)
Chair, Library Improvement Committee, Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) of
the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
President,  Princeton-Trenton Chapter, Special Libraries Association

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